Photographic artist

Fly Away Home - on show in the Open Air Gallery at Yorkshire Sculpture Park from 1st march 2014.

Fly Away Home considers the dialogue between people's lives, their homes and the natural world. Inspired by human nature and the built environment the artist explores social difference, the thinning hierarchical divide and how the inherent need to dwell unites us all. No matter the difference in our surroundings, we are all products of our habitat.

"A house, like the mind and body, contains us and allows us to dwell, but also to hide. The fabric constructing our houses witnesses interruptions in our lives and our history leaves traceable paths within the structure. Circumstances form us and our stories become imprinted in the buildings of our lives"

The exhibition is a direct response to Breathing Space, an art space that was created by the artist at YSP. More information can be found at My Artistic Voice.